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Team and consulting

Our General Internship Team

Several staff members of the Vocational and Business Education Department are involved in the organization and implementation of the General Practical School Internship:

Yannik Adam, M. Ed.
Inga Allkemper, M. Ed.
Sandra Bischoff, Dipl.-Pfl.
Dr. Peter-Jörg Alexander, Dipl.-Kfm./ Dipl. Hdl.
Dr. Johannes K. Schmees



Consultation and contact

If you have any questions about the General school internship, our team is always at your disposal.

In addition, after your internship, we offer the possibility to have a discussion with the lecturers in the field of vocational and business education about the experiences made there. The aim of this counseling interview is, above all, to classify the internship and to reflect on experiences made. We recommend this discussion especially in cases where you are thinking about changing your course of studies or dropping out of your studies because of the internship, in order to be able to consult another perspective.

If you are interested contact us by E-Mail.