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Preparatoy and follow-up seminar

The preparatory and follow-up seminars of the General Practical School Studies are offered each semester by lecturers of the Vocational and Business Education. The lecturers of the preparatory and follow-up seminars may differ from each other.

For detailed information on the qualification objectives of the seminars, please refer to the Modulbeschreibungen der Berufs- und Wirtschaftspädagogik (module descriptions of vocational and business education). Basic information on the workload, format, and credits for the seminars can be found in the table below.


  Preparatory seminar Follow-up seminar
Workload 2 LP (60 hours) 2 LP (60 hours)
Format Usually organized into 90-minute seminar sessions throughout the lecture period. Block seminars as an exception.
Exam type ungraded exam,
active participation in the seminar
graded exam,
internship report

Students register for the pre- and post-processing seminars as usual via the registration procedure in Stud.IP. The prerequisite for your participation in the follow-up seminar is a completed school internship. Only then can we work purposefully with your insights and findings from the internship in the seminar.

Preparatory seminar

In keeping with its name, the preparatory seminar serves to prepare students for the subsequent school internship. This includes topics such as the change of role and perspective, the necessity and challenge of scientific observation, the structure and organizational structures of vocational schools in Lower Saxony, and the planning and analysis of lessons.

Further information on the topics, contents and seminar schedule of the preparatory seminar will be given to the registered students directly in the respective courses by the lecturers at the beginning of the semester.

Follow-up seminar

In addition to the actual seminar, the open space and the visit to the Osnabrück study seminar are also part of the follow-up seminar.

The Open Space is usually held on the last Saturday before classes start and following their internship from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. In this event, all students from the internships are supposed to exchange their experiences. Guided by the lecturers, different workshops are offered and attended by the students themselves. The event is individually tailored to you in a double sense: On the one hand, the offers for workshops come from your ranks and on the other hand, you can then choose the most interesting one for you from each of the offered workshops. This appointment is mandatory.

During the semester, you will also take part in a taster day at the Study Seminar of Osnabrück (Homepage) from 07:30 to 14:30 (the seminar attended by future teachers during the 18-month preparatory training after graduation). Registration takes place via the follow-up seminar. This date is mandatory. 

In order to be able to reflect on professional pedagogical, didactic and methodical actions from the perspective of professional competence development in a case-specific way after participation in the A-LbS, we will work with different cases in the actual follow-up seminar in connection with your experiences from the school internship.

The general practical school studies conclude with the submission of the internship report, which formally represents the examination performance of the follow-up seminar.