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School internship

In the following, you will find information on the formal, organizational and content-related framework conditions of the school internship. In addition, we provide information about suitable internship schools and relevant documents related to the school internship.

General conditions of the school internship

  • in one strech
  • Duration: five weeks
  • Full-time employment of 40 hours per week (20 hours of attendance and 20 hours of preparation and follow-up each week

Focus of the internship

  • Observation of lessons (at least 16 observation hours per week)
  • Own teaching experiments (at least two different lessons (45 min) self-designed or co-designed)

Before you can start your internship, there are some requirements and steps to consider. These include applying to an internship school for an internship position and obtaining confirmation of this position. We will inform you about this in the following. You will receive all further information at the beginning of the preparatory seminar.

Search for a internship school

In principle, you can complete your school internship anywhere in Germany. The internship school should cover the variety of vocational schools in Germany with their different educational programs (ideally from introductory vocational class to vocational high school) and offer your vocational specialization as well as your subject.

You must establish contact with the schools on your own. There will be no assignment by the university. We recommend that you do not start looking for schools too late, but at the latest at the beginning of the preparatory seminar. To assist you, we provide a school list with contact information below. In addition, you can also use the linked information letter to inform the schools about details regarding the A-LbS.


Confirmation of the internship place

If you have been accepted for an internship position, you must have the position confirmed before the internship begins. To do this, ask your future internship school to confirm the internship place. Please use the forms linked below for this purpose. After you have received the confirmation from your internship school, please send the document to the following e-mail address: zlb-a-lbs@uni-osnabrueck.de