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University Osnabrück
School of Educational and Cultural Studies
Institute of Education
Working Group on Vocational Education and Training
Katharinenstr. 24
49078 Osnabrück

Working Group Vocational and Business Education with a Focus on Structural Questions in Vocational Education, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Frommberger

Working group on Vocational Education and Training with a focus on structural issues of vocational education, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Frommberger

The working group was formed within the framework of a foundation (Press release) ) and is financially supported by the donor organisations over a period of five years. The endowed professorship will continue as a full professorship after the end of the endowment period. It is fully integrated into university teaching and committee work.

The research work of the professorship is dedicated to basic research and application-oriented questions of vocational education and training research. Special focus is set on the structural issues of vocational education. These include regulatory and didactic aspects, for example for the analysis and further development of the vocational education and training system, curriculum, the initial and continuing training of vocational training personnel, the examination system, etc. Special consideration is given to the systematic view of other European and non-European countries and thus to the international comparative research.

Together with the working group of the Prof. Dr. Thomas Bals, the group of Prof. Dr. Frommberger is responsible for conducting teaching in the subject area of vocational education and training, including vocational didactics. Vocational Education and Training is aimed at the training of vocational training personnel, in particular of vocational school teachers. The following study programmes are currently offered:

On the pages of Prof. Dr. Dietmar Frommberger's research group you will find information about its members and current (research) projects.

Current developments and results of working group of the Prof. Dr. Frommberger can be found here News